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A unique combination of emollients, astringents and antiseptics to aid the healing of surface wounds and sores, galls and saddle sores. Also effective for the itching and irritation of eczema, fungus and ringworm. Not for use on food producing animals.


This is a very practical product to have on hand in every working stable. Though, the description of the product does not emphasize the main use for this product, which is the treatment of wounds caused by tack, girth sores, saddle sores, harness sores etc. It does not produce such good results when used on other wounds, cuts and funguses. What I like the most about this products is, that it actually heals the gall without putting the animal out of work. When the salve is applied under the tack or girth before saddling the horse up, it will actually promote the healing process during the work. It is important to remember, when applying the salve under the tack or harness, to use it generously with thick applications to the wound. It is a little messy but it produces satisfactory results. It comes in two sizes, 5 oz. And 14 oz. The 14 oz is more practical and the product keeps for long time after opening.
After riding, it is best to wash the salve off and apply very small amount of furazone or any other salve that prevents drying of the skin to encourage hair growth. Products containing animal fats like lanolin are often very helpful in hair growth regeneration.

Noun: gall

an open sore on the back of a horse caused by ill fitting or badly adjusted saddle.


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