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Pulling Off A Horseshoe
Nailing Back On A Horseshoe
Squaring of the toes 

Preparing a horse for the farrier

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Veterinary Publications

Advanced Imaging for Horses
Bane that is pain
Dissolving the Stain of Pain
Drug-Resistant Parasites in Horses
Equine Arteritis Virus
Equine Neurologic Disease
Equine Jet Lag
Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)
Genetic Disease in the Horse
Insulin Resistance in the Horse 1
Insulin Resistance in the Horse 2
Why the Guttural Pouches
Parasitism in Horses
Manure Concerns
Managing Ticks on Horses
Equine Sarcoid
West Nile Virus
Questions &Answers About West Nile Virus
Venezuelan Equine Encephalomyelitis
Equine Babesiosis (Piroplasmosis)
Equine Dentistry Evolution
Equine Immunology: Past, Present and Future
Endometrial Biopsy
Equine Salmonellosis in the United States and Kentucky
Research into Equine Bacterial Disease
Nucleic Acid Based Tests in Disease Diagnosis
Maturation of the Neonate’s Immune Response
Breeding Soundness Examination of the Stallion
A Broad Perspective on Chondrocyte Gene Expression
Contagious Equine Metritis
Characteristics of the Equine Placenta
Diagnostic Approaches to Equine Abortion
Rotavirus Vaccination in Foals
Risk Reduction

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