Natural calming paste works without drugs or l-tryptophan. Works in just 2 hours, excellent for use before competition, training, and other stressful situations. Won’t cause drowsiness. Feed 1 oz. of the powder daily. Contains Valerian Root. Safe in pregnancy. About $12.95 30 oz of powder.

A new homeopathic calming paste without L-tryptophan. Relaxes high-strung horses in just two hours. Horses stay alert without becoming anxious in competition or while being trained. Easy to administer, and horses like the sweet taste. Administer one tube per horse two hours prior to competition or event or administer at the rate of 1 ounce of powder per day as a top dressing on horse’s feed for immediate consumption. Give 1 ounce regardless of horse’s weight.

About $5.95 in the paste form (one dose)

I am not sure on what page to put this product, but if “fear” is a form of illness then adding it among the medicinal products would be OK. Many horse folks do not believe that this product is effective in what it claims to do. I have had several experiences with this product and the following observation will in the best way describe them.

Horse’s behavior for most part doesn’t appear to be noticeably changed. I presume that for this reason many folks believe that the product doesn’t work. However, the noticeable change is apparent in the horse when it comes to a “fear management” as I would put it. Though I’ve never had a chance to use this product in training, racing or showing, but only as helpful product when shoeing horses that seemed to be afraid of the shoeing process. I believe that this product helps the horse to control his fear and thus makes him more manageable, whenever the animal succumbs to it. Quietex proves itself of great help, whenever one has to handle a horse that is afraid and angry at the same time. It is very hard to reprimand a horse that is afraid, because he will tend to get even more panicky. This is where the product is very helpful as it helps the horse to keep the “lid on” so to speak, when reprimanded while being afraid. Of course we do not reprimand a horse for being afraid, but at the same time we cannot let the fear to take over of the animal. I believe that when showing afraid horses, especially the youngsters, or when braking/educating horses that have abnormal fear in dealing with whatever we are trying to teach them, this product could prove itself a savior for the unfortunate animals. I doubt that there are any side effects, nor this product creates dependencies since its main active ingredient is the Valerian Root. All in all, try it, and I am sure you’ll like it and the horse as well. Again, one has to keep in mind that not all horses will respond to Quietex the same way. This is definitely a good substitute for tranquilizers like Ace (which are often abused in this way), when used in education of the animal, training and over all handling. Quietex also does not impede the learning process as the tranquilizers do.

Comes in powder or paste. I prefer the powdered form as it is much cheaper to use and horses have no problem eating it with their feed.