Ichthammol 20% For weak and brittle hooves of horses. Applied as an ointment in the treatment of chronic skin infections, such as eczema and pruritis. Used as a demulcent, emollient and mild antiseptic alone or in combination with other antiseptics to promote healing in chronic infections.

This is another product that I like to have handy around horses. This salve is great in treating minor puncture wounds that may be infected or in a case of an abscess in the foot. Horse often gets infection from minor cuts, which goes often unnoticed and then infected. Often this product is helpful in applying it to the infected area and wrapping it up if possible. These problems are very common around horses so this product should be in your stable. One should also learn how to use this product from experience. I have seen on many occasions where this product was used improperly. This salve is not some “healing” salve and to use it on larger open wound is definitely wrong. This product will prevent proper healing when used in such way.

What this product actually does, is weakens/soften the skin (of the treated area) and it also promotes greater circulation where applied, since it stretches/softens the skin. Many folks call it the “Drawing Salve” but this product is not really doing such thing, it just helps the body to get rid of the infection. Stretching/softening the skin (softening the hoof) will allow greater blood circulation. The body then gets rid of the infection/abscess either by pushing it out through the weakened skin or by absorbing it into the system. When infected puncture wounds are on the legs of the horse, one should note if the swelling is going up the leg above the injured area. In such case I prefer the use (in addition with Ichthammol) of antibiotics like Penicillin, just to play it save. More on the puncture wounds coming up on our web and so will many other uses of this product.

This product is also handy in hoof care. When packed on the bottom of the foot, it will remove any minor pains, mainly sore heals/quarters from excessive/hard impact like from racing and such.


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