I highly recommend this product on the list of essentials in every stable. This product has multitude of uses around horses. I have used this product in reproduction, to wash the stallion’s and the mare’s genitals to prevent possible infection of the mare reproductive organs or the spread of the same. In such cases I prefer the green soap to iodine-based products like Betadine, because of the negative effects that the iodine may have on the sperm, should it enter the mare’s vagina. The Green soap rinses completely without leaving any soap film even in cold water. This product is also very handy in cleaning/washing out fresh (large) open wounds or cuts, because it not only sterilizes the area, but mainly that it does not kill the raw tissue as the iodine may do; hence the wound will heal better and quicker. The Green soap is also very handy for bathing horses (light solution), it helps often in various skin problems or it helps in the prevention of the same. This product contains alcohol, therefore too frequent washes may cause some skin dryness. All in all, this is one of the best washing – “sterilizing” products that is mainly used by the professionals in the equine industry. One really has to try it on horses in order to really appreciate the values of this product, not just only for horses but for the human use as well.


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