Source Micronutrients
Source, Inc

Natural supplement of micronutrients to round out your feeding program. Helps your horse better utilize the feed given. Totally natural with no preservatives. 5 lb. is a 5 month supply for an average (1000 lb.) horse, 1/2 oz. daily. About $22.49.

I have to stress again, that supplements like this one should be used only when needed. I have recommended this product to several folks that had a problem keeping a good weight on horses. My recommendation was to use this product in a combination with Clovite, (providing that there were no other noticeable reasons for the lack of the proper weight) and of course not all at the same time, or even the same day. It was used alternative days, one day Clovite, the next Source and it was fed only once per day in the evening. Many folks have problem keeping a weight on thoroughbreds because they are afraid to feed them more grain as the horses seem to get too high/hot on them. In this case I have recommended the above combination of supplements with excellent results to be noticeable within one to two months of use.

Source will help the horse to utilize the feed better and it is quite natural supplement since it is made from seaweeds. Often this product is recommended to improve the quality of the foot, however I believe it is not because the product has some needed proteins for such improvements, but it is because it will help the horse to extract/utilize these proteins from the feed. Henceforth the combination of Clovite (Soy Bean has required proteins for the health of the hoof) and Source (Helping the utilization of the feed) should help in the improvement of the health of the hoof. Of course all supplements work differently on horses and sometimes Source can be more detrimental than helpful, especially when it comes to horses that are already over weight. One should keep the latter in mind, before purchasing Source. I would not use this product on racehorses and other animals that need to be “wind fit”.


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