This product is again of the essence when caring for horses. It has many important and practical uses as we will show on our website. I prefer the 7% Iodine because I have never found a need for a stronger percentage. If and when a weaker solution is required one can dilute this product with water to the desired strength. (Example, one part of water to one part of 7% Iodine will give you about 3.5 % iodine solution.) This product is simple and easily replaces in many cases the more expensive Betadine and similar iodine based products. One has to be aware that this product has some irritant characteristics while it is a great combatant of bacteria.

Photo shows a bottle with a sprayer attached. I have found that the sprayer is useless in most cases as it always seems to clog up and never really works well. Also, I do not know of many uses for iodine where the sprayer is really needed. The gallon size is only practical for large stables and not for an individuals as the iodine has tendencies to evaporate in time.


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