Przedswit was the lightest of the halfblooded lines bred in the formal state “stud farms” in Austria. The founder was an English halfblood Przedswit (Senior), born 1872. His sire was Knight of the Garter who was a grandson of the famous Melbourne from the Eclipse line. Przedswit’s dame was The Jewel, who was the daughter of Stockwell from the line of Eclipse, resp. Darley’s Arabian.

Przedswit alone was 168 cm (16’2 H) tall, bay horse and very refined and harmonious build, with solid back and long muscular hind end. Przedswit was also excellent racehorse, winning the Austrian Derby in 1875 and in 1876 winning the Grand Prix of Bade-Baden. He was primarily used to breed with English halfblooded mares and his offspring were mainly used as military (cavalry) riding horses. He died in 1889 from pneumonia.

At the time of his death the interest in thoroughbred was on the decline. The actual founder of the Przedswit line is considered to be his son of the same name out of Anglonorman mare 54 Eclatante, born 1878. He was active as a stallion in reproduction of the Przedswit line of English halfbloods from 1882 to 1898.


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