To know and understand the nature of horse’s hoof is of great importance for every horseman. It will help to understand and implement not only the proper care for the hoof but the proper shoeing as well.

Just like the nature of the horse adjusts to the environment and the living condition, so do his feet adjust to the same and very much keeps themselves in balance. The key elements to which the hoof responds are: moisture, surface and the horse’s movement on it, as well as the various stresses on the hoof itself. The latter is very important when it comes to shoeing.

Unfortunately, the shoeing interferes with the horse’s nature as well as with the natural response of the hoof to the environment. Simply said, we are putting a piece of steel between the horse and his nature, hence the shoeing is always detrimental to the horse’s hoof. This is very important to keep in mind for better understanding of shoeing. Therefore, the object of shoeing is not only to make the horse perform better and longer at work, but also to minimize the negative effect that the shoeing has on the foot and the animal in general.

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