Halfbloods of the imperial stud farms from the formal Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The formal Austro-Hungarian Empire had it’s own well bred halfblooded lines, which with their specific types of exterior and their performance in given environment could be considered as individual breeds, where there established some sort of individual registry for them. Hence it is fair to say, that these are not genuine breeds since there is no studbook or registry for them to be registered as specific breeds, however they are more refined and bred for certain specifications than many other breeds today with their registries (see foreword).

As it used to be in the breeding of halfbloods, the various individuals belonging to particular lines were often crossbred with other lines for improvements or corrections in a particular line; with this however, the prime consideration was always given to maintain a specific type of a stallion. By the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th there were many more halfblooded lines bred than by the middle of the 20th century and even less today. The Austro-Hungarian halfblooded lines that have managed to survive till these days are:

Furioso, Nonius, Przedswit and the Arabian or more specifically the Angloarabian line of Gidran.