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Stablemade.com is individually owned and operated website that does not in any way represent or promote the interests of any companies or organizations. The purpose of this website is to share primarily my own knowledge gained in 50 years of professional life with horses lived in several countries and experienced in most areas and disciplines of equine industry.

This service presents information and knowledge sharing gained in the fields of common equine injuries and ailments, general horse care, feeding of horses directly from horsemen’s experience. Furthermore this site presents an unbiased evaluation, as well as the practical use, of various horse products, their benefits, functions, flaws, side effects and consequences. The equine injuries and ailments section of this site makes recommendations in recognizing and dealing with these issues, as well as it presents various treatments and remedies expressly from practical horseman’s perspective supported by genuine experience in the horse industry.

Many of the articles published herein are original publications written by a professional horseman, and have not been copied or duplicated from other sources. The collection of other articles includes veterinary articles where the credit is given. The horse breeds articles, or better said the origins of breeds of horses, is a translation from my school book (1956 Special ZOO-Technique, Czechoslovakia), presenting unbiased and untainted information about the most recognized breeds of horses by genuine horse breeders. In contrast to that the breed information published on the internet is for most part presented primarily either by the promoters of the particular breed or its registry or organization, in which case the information is often tainted.

Also some other articles written by me are the translations from this school book, especially the practical use of certain horse feeds. In short, none of the publications on this site represent in any way my opinions or thoughts, but rather present information verified through my life experiences with hundreds of horses.

The equine educational information is presented in three sections, the articles, where you find most of the horse care related publications, then the horse breeds section, where you will find the information about the most recognized breeds of horses and their origins divided into the appropriate groups according to the hippologists, and finally the horse section providing the description of the horse, his body, anatomy and such.

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