I consider this product to have essential value in caring for horses. I could not imagine having a stable without it. As important and useful this product is, for most country horse folks it is a mystery. On the can the instructions refer to use it as a blister and I believe that for this reason many folks stay away from using it. Well, here are some other uses of this product and on this page mainly in hoof care. You will see this product used on this website in many other treatments of injuries or illnesses in horses.

Among other products Reducine is great in maintenance of healthy hoofs in horses.

The hoof should be cleaned of any dirt and manure. The foot must be dry in order to insure the effect and adhesiveness of the product. Apply to the frog (fig 1) and the coronet (fig 2) using either toothbrush or so-called paint brush (which is a wooden tooth brush like gadget). Rub it well into the coronet and the frog. Try to spread it as thin as possible. Only the part of the Reducine that is in contact with the treated area is working and any excess is a waste of this somewhat expensive product. You can use this product in this manner once or twice per week. Reducine has medicinal values and is very useful on feet that have problems. It will also promote to some extend the growth of a new hoof as it increases the blood flow in the coronet. This product has irritant/blister like values and that should be kept in mind when used. Therefore, do not use on horses after strenuous exercise, on “hot feet” or the day of strenuous work. Also do not use on horses that will spend greater time in hot sun, like at shows or when turning out on hot summer days. For most part, one has to get the feel for this product and learn as he goes. In time you can discover the true value of this product. In the hands of an inexperienced person Reducine could cause some minor problems. This product also has antiseptic values and it helps in treatments of minor injuries to the coronet. Regular use will prevent cracking of the hoof wall and in many cases it will help in the treatment of a damaged hoof, thrush (Treatment 1 and 2), abscess (Treatment 1) etc.

Fig 1

Fig 2


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