One may wonder what is there to know about hoof pick since the use of this product is obvious. Well folks, ask yourselves just how many people did you see, when they purchased a new hoof pick and then they’ve used a file or anything for the matter, to dull the often sharp edges of this tool? I would have to say that not too many. Most commercial hoof picks come with too sharp edges. When used like this, it can often remove small parts of the hoof and in time of frequent use it could lead to various damages to the hoof or even caused lameness to the animal.

A hoof pick should be a blunt/dull instrument especially if it is made of metal. One should remove the rough stuff from the foot with a hoof pick and the finer work is to be left to some type of a brush. I presume, that for this reason the addition of a little brush to the hoof pick was invented. I prefer a somewhat larger brush when brushing out the horse’s feet, however the brush that is on the hoof pick will do for many folks.


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