Hind Stand (Legs & Hind Quarters)

Left: correct build in the hock, shin and pastern of the hind leg.
Center: too sharp angle in the hock "sickle-hock"  Right: too narrow "strangled" shins below the hock.


The open hocks with good angle of the knee joint (stifle) with relatively long "heel" bone in the hock joint, did not bother the performance (compensated with longer and softer pastern) of this halfblooded mare 78 Furioso XIII, who did not passed along this deviation on her offspring .

Left: round (melon) hind end with muscular thighs 
(Spanish Pants-red arrow) by Oldenburg stallion
Right: square hind end with skinny thigh muscles 
narrow/ing in hocks (cow hocks/frog hocks)

Correct Hind Conformation

Correct Hind Conformation