Bandage Scissors

Fig. 1

     The name of this useful and practical stable tool pretty much describes its purpose, though many country horse folks have never heard of it. Anyway, these scissors are ideal for removing non-reusable bandages like for example well known and widely used “Vetrap". It is a pain in a butt to unwrap such bandage. Cutting it off is much simple. The point (Fig. 1) of the bottom blade is specially formed to prevent injuries to the horse’s leg when cutting the bandage off (fig. 2 & 3).
Among many other uses it is also very handy and safe in slicing the Vetrap when using on the hoof (fig.4 & 5).

This item is very inexpensive and easy to obtain (can be found in your local drug stores).

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Fig. 6


All my comments are merely my opinions and beliefs gained from 40 years of professional life with horses. All drugs should be used only by the consent of a veterinarian and according to his instructions. A person who is with the horse everyday, should know him better than anyone else.