Boldenone undecylenate is a synthetic anabolic steroid. Anabolic steroids produce enhanced appetite, increased muscle mass and, to some extent, masculinization.

Boldenone undecylenate is recommended for the treatment of debilitated animals, as following severe illness or following overwork or overexertion.

0.5 mg/lb of body weight, intramuscularly. Treatment may be repeated in three weeks.

Store at room temperature. Avoid freezing.

When used as indicated i.e., for severely, debilitated animals following a prolonged illness, severe injury or surgery, or following extreme abuse), and for short treatment periods, side effects/toxicity are short lived and self-limiting, usually disappearing in 6-8 weeks. When abused, as in the regular administration to young animals to enhance muscular development before sales or to performance animals to increase athletic ability, side effects are more serious, more long lasting, and possibly permanent. Side effects include.

Premature closure of growth plates.

Impaired fertility in males and females.

Development of androgenic side effects of increased aggressiveness and uncontrollable behavior.

Not indicated.

Not indicated.

Detection Time Information: Boldenone is generally administered in long-acting preparations and its pharmacological effects are thought of as lasting several weeks after a clinical dose. Boldenone or its metabolites may be detected in urine for long periods (up to several weeks) after administration of a course of boldenone therapy. There are no recommended plasma or urinary threshold or tolerance levels for boldenone. The Australian authorities report a 28-day detection time after a 250 mg intramuscular administration.

No boldenone violations have been called in North America but boldenone may be more likely to be called outside of North America.

Horseman’s Comments

This drug was at one time very popular in the racing industry, especially when it came out during the seventies. The use of it has somewhat subsided in the use of racehorses. The mares that were raced on Equipoise for longer period of time (usually administered every third week, about 5 ccm) have many problems once when they entered the breeding program. Most of them did not get in foal the first year. I have also noticed that horses (especially males) raced on this drug for longer period of time have developed various arthritic problems (mainly green osselets) much sooner than horses on which there were not used any steroids. This drug is very much abused by the “halter horse” industry during the upbringing of young foals, which is down outright an abuse of animals (no wonder, most of them cannot even walk as early as two years old).


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