Torijskii breed is one of the newer breeds that was recognized in the year 1950. His homeland is Estonian republic of the formal USSR and now independent state. The foundation of the breed was the indigenous breeding material of the Estonian horse, formally known as klepper. The work in the creation of this breed consisted of complex crossbreeding methods whose objective was to produce a draft horse with very good and lively gaits. The Estonian horses were crossbred with stallion of the riding type, Arabian halfbloods, German halfbloods and the draft type horses, the Norfolks, roadsters, Orlov trotters, Percherons and others. Henceforth, he has mostly the blood of the warmblooded horses and less of the coldbloods.

One of the most active stallions in the establishment of this breed was the massive halfblooded stallion Chetman, who left after him self a great amount of descendants. In the year 1910 at the “All Russia” show, many of his sons/daughter were rewarded with prizes. From the year 1936 the Estonian horses were crossbred with Percherons, the French post Bretons with good movements and sufficient massiveness. The leading role in the establishment of this new breed, which gained quickly in popularity, had the Tori stud farm and other establishments for the breed of horses. Very important was also the regular feeding program, training and very strict selectivity of the best individuals that passed the output tests.

The main diet consisted of clover hay, straw cuts and root crops. The concentrates (grains) were fed only during work in the fields and in the amount of 5 to 10 pounds per day/horse.

The output tests were designed by the Estonian institute for horse breeding. In the test was included draft with 1500 to 1600 kg at the distance of 25 km and then return in trot. In other draft test the established records in 1950 were the following: stallion Chart 8949 kg, Chalik 10640 kg. The stallion Uchaz pulled the load of 1668 kg for the distance of 20 km in 3 hours and 22 minutes. The Torijskii breed developed into two types: heavier – TA and lighter – TB (under these abbreviations they are entered into the Torijskii horse stud book.).

The noticeable exterior characteristics of the Torijskii horse are: massive head, often “Roman”, long neck, non profound withers, wide, round chest, long torso, long hind quarters, short legs with weaker flat hoofs. The color is chestnut and bay. The horses have lively temperament, excellent at work and undemanding in feeding. The breeding work must still go through further solidifying of the best-selected types. The Torijskii stallions are excellent improvers of the agricultural horse, they are/were exported to Novgorod, Pskov and Leningrad regions.


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